New Patients

Best Family Dentist near you in Lincoln, NE

Are you brand-new to our Lincoln dental office? Welcome! Dr. Weber and the rest of our team can’t wait to start helping you enjoy a healthier, more confident smile through personalized care.

Before you arrive for your first scheduled appointment, we do ask that you take a few minutes to read through the information on this page about what to expect and what will be expected of you. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns so that we can address them right away.

Best dentist near me Lincoln, NE

Patient Forms

If you’d prefer to save a few extra minutes in our waiting room (as comfortable as it is), new patients are encouraged to download all of the paperwork they’ll need at the link below for added convenience!
You can print out the pages at home, write in your information whenever you have free time, and then turn them in at the front desk when you arrive in person. As a result, your check-in process will be sped up and we can invite you back to start your appointment much quicker.

Best family dentist near me Lincoln, NE

Dental Insurance

Committed to quality & service for each & every patient

Navigating your family’s specific insurance benefits can feel stressful and overcomplicated at times – so why not let the Weber Family Dentistry team handle the heavy lifting? 
We accept several major providers and will use our knowledge of the system to file claims and maximize reimbursements to their fullest extent. 
Our goal is to make the payment process simple and smooth so that you can focus on enjoying a healthier, happier smile above all else.

Our Dental Patients Are Family

Our patients are much more to us than a bundle of files or numbers on a check – we love getting to know you and your loved ones very well over time, building strong relationships that are based on trust, friendliness, and support.

Financing Options

In order to make certain dental services more financially manageable for patients and families in need, our team is happy to accept affordable payment plans through CareCredit!
Multiple lengths are available to choose from, some of which come with NO interest attached. By being able to break down your overall cost into several monthly sections, even extensive treatment plans can blend in well with a variety of different budgets – no straining your wallet required.

Weber Dental Savings Plan

Are you and your family not currently covered by a dental insurance plan? What if there was a way to get many of the same valuable benefits without the costly deductibles, restrictive yearly maximums, and other headaches? At Weber Family Dentistry, we now have an in-house savings plan that accomplishes this very goal.
For a flat yearly fee, members can receive FREE essential preventive care and significant discounts on a wide variety of other important services. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like more information or to complete an application.

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Committed to quality & service for each & every patient